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We need to Change our national Character through our huge education system.

‘Cultivate to Last’

Discipline and Core skills have to be the KRA of education if you want to turn around the nation.

Catch them young is the key to success.



Virender kapoor

Present state of affairs

We as a collective force of 1.4 Billion people have made an impact on the world in the last several decades because of the sheer size of our population- 65 % of the population being below 35 years of age- Voila! We are proud about the fact that developed nations view us as a big market for their products and therefore better be on our right side. Are we happy with this statement alone that we are proud to be the biggest consumers and people look at…

Taming the Juvenile

Consequences of committing a crime……

The price one has to pays should be the deterrent

Virender Kapoor

Nirbhay rape case had suddenly brought juvenile crime into the lime light in India years ago. The problem is rampant across the country and the situation is grim. Sensitize the youth, lower the juvenile age, change people’s mindset, harsher punishment, teach morals at schools, change the law are some of the proposed solutions doing the rounds. Many of these may not be impossible but most are very difficult to implement .Types of heinous crimes being committed by teen agers today is very sickening…


First among Equals in the Golden thought age

“The unexamined life is not worth living” — Socrates

Many times, I have been asked by the media as well as by my readers —

‘Do self-help books actually help in achieving success? Do they really

help change people’s lives?’ I have always said a big yes as an answer to

these questions. Through the medium of this communication, I would

like to bring home a couple of very important points in this context.

First, only those books which have handled the subject seriously

can bring about a change in the reader. Second, the reader himself

has to go through these books seriously and also have the required



First amongst Equals in the Golden thought age

“The unexamined life is not worth living” — Socrates

Somehow I feel that on the global arena, Chanakya should have got a better deal in terms of visibility and fame in comparison to other great thinkers of his time. His contemporaries like Aristotle and Socrates were from Greece. The reasons could be several; perhaps one major reason could be that since the Greek philosophers influenced the west, which later developed much faster than the rest of the world, they got more traction. My idea therefore of giving you a world view…



Why this book?

Most of us have heard the name of Chanakya and believe that he was a very sharp and intelligent person from our ancient history. Several books have been written from the knowledge he created over his life time, an honor Chanakya fully deserves.Focus of most of such books has been to learn from Chanakya’s wisdom in the arena of Leadership and corporate functioning. Two of his seminal works the ‘ Arthashastra’ and ‘Chanakya Neeti’ were the basic reference material for most authors writing on him.

When I decided to write a book on such a…

Authors Interview- Chanakya Book

1. The choice of subject for this book is unique. Tell us why you chose Chanakya for this book, part of the series called, Life Lessons from Luminaries.

The usual perception about Chanakya is that diplomacy, strategy and economics were his forte. Therefore, almost all books related to him are about corporate strategy and leadership. In fact, Chanakya as a thinker created a very vast canvas of wisdom and his ideas on day to day life and human behaviour are so profound that one can draw several effective life lessons from them. He addresses very complex…

Who invented Marriage?

Virender kapoor

Human relations are very complex and most of them require commitment for them to last. Marriage is a relationship which exists across religion, caste, color and creed. It is a ‘culture

Universal’. It is one of the oldest institutions, dating back to 2350 BC. Which means, marriage is a ritual around 4,350 years old?

Virender kapoor

Thinker,author,Motivator, Inspirational Guru more than 30 books,200 articles plus.Figures with Gr8s like Thomas Friedman,Dale Carnegie.

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