Great depression of 1929 in America had a huge back lash on German economy causing unemployment, inflation and chaos. By 1932 over three million Germans were out of jobs .Germans were as such looking for a scapegoat “Whom to catch for the defeat of WWI and their present day misery?”…


Virender kapoor

Present state of affairs

We as a collective force of 1.4 Billion people have made an impact on the world in the last several decades because of the sheer size of our population- 65 % of the population being below 35…

Taming the Juvenile

Consequences of committing a crime……

The price one has to pays should be the deterrent

Virender Kapoor

Nirbhay rape case had suddenly brought juvenile crime into the lime light in India years ago. The problem is rampant across the country and the situation is grim. Sensitize the youth, lower the…

Virender kapoor

Thinker,author,Motivator, Inspirational Guru more than 30 books,200 articles plus.Figures with Gr8s like Thomas Friedman,Dale Carnegie.

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