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Passion is the greatest secret of Success!

The Rich and the famous, the movers and shakers are not necessarily high school toppers. Nor do such successful People hold great college degrees. They are successful because such people can generate enthusiasm at will, in them self and also in their colleagues. These are the people who love theirs colleagues. These are the people who love their work and can never get tired of what they do. This love sets them apart from unsuccessful people who take their work as drudgery.

Deep love for your work is called passion, which is the most important strength of human beings and sets apart great from the good ones. Therefore it is not the intelligent quotient (IQ) but your passion Quotient (PQ) that will take you to pinnacle of success. As field marshal Foch said “the most powerful weapon on earth is human soul on fire.”

How to start loving your job?

With the booming economy not only are there more number of jobs available but also there are more types of jobs available. About three decades ago there were very limited job domains but today with the expansion of service sector an individual can choose to make a career in a field that he or she loves. For example media, internet, hospitality, travel leisure, knowledge management, fashion, retail, business process out sourcing, event management were never even heard of as viable professions a few years ago. In addition India is on a high and many young professionals are leaving the comfort zone of their jobs and venturing out into their own business on their way to becoming entrepreneurs choosing fields that they love. With this as a backdrop one can say “Either take the job that you love or better start loving the job that you take!”

Since so many opportunities are available, you can really pick up something that you like. If you love your job, let me assure you that you are on a permanent holiday. Indira Gandhi was asked “how do you work twenty hours a day without getting tired?” “Because I love my Job!” Was her answer. Similarly great designers, artists, painters, writers, actors and scientists excel in their work because they are madly in love with their work — they are passionate.

If you like physics then don’t push yourself to excel in poetry and if you love English literature, don’t take engineering as your chosen profession. This way you are not only deceiving yourself but are also killing your own potential to do well in life.

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How does passion help you to do better in life?

· It is a source of tremendous energy

Jackie Chan is a one man industry who writes, directs and acts in his film. He lives and breathes cinema all the time — because he loves it.

Shah Rukh Khan is called a power house of energy because he is passionate about acting.

· Becomes your inner calling

Mother Teresa worked passionately for the poor because she ‘felt’ for the poor and the sick. Such people work selflessly and look for no financial rewards.

· Makes you walk that extra mile

It lets you perform and deliver beyond your ordinary capacity.

· Helps you identify your Goal.

Passion has been given to us by nature to remain ‘on track’- like an inner compass.

How to Identify your passion?

If the following is true for an activity for you, then that activity is your passion.

1. It attracts you- A football player is always attracted to a football match. Artists are attracted to a paint brush and a taut canvas.

2. It is simple for you to learn- if you have potential to be a test cricket player, it will be very easy for you to follow the instructions of the coach. A great dancer can perform beyond the expectations of the choreographer, for example Madhuri Dixit or Hritik Roshan.

3. It is effortless — Playing a violin for a passionate musician is effortless.

4. It’s a state of ecstasy — Amitabh Bachchan was asked by Karan Johar in chat a show about the secret of his intense performances. And he said ‘When I am in front of the camera, something happens to me, and I just perform automatically.’ This is a state of flow, total joy- ecstasy.

Jupiter not wanting mans’ life to be wholly gloomy and grim has bestowed far more passion than reason.

Moreover, he confined reason to a cramped corner of the head and left all the rest of the body to the Passions.

-Desiderius Erasmus

Converting hobbies and passion into a rewarding profession:

More than 50 percent of close to a million small businesses started in America in 1998–2000 were based on hobbies or personal interest of people. These guys actually made a living out of what they really loved. In addition to business, all those who make money through professions like sports, arts and creativity are also driven by passion alone.

To convert your passion into a viable profession where you can earn while having fun, you need to expand the scope of your passion. Let me explain this point.

First you should identify what you like or what is your drive. Let us say it is acting that you feel acting is your driving force or your passion. Your first choice will be to become a film actor. But is it the only option?

No, there are other choices available. For instance, if you cannot get a break in films you can look for a role on television.

For the sake of understanding I will divide it into three levels, of engagements that can emerge out of your passion.

· Level one are the professions that are directly related with your passion. In this case films TV and theatre

· Level two are professions which are somewhat related. In this case it will be anchoring; RJ or even comparing live shows and concerts.

· Level three are indirectly connected i.e. public speaking, modelling, laughter shows high end training, counselling, negotiations and even politics.

Just imagine a drive or passion for acting can open up so many windows of opportunity.

Adolf Hitler was a great orator; he used to rehearse for hours before delivering his political speeches, which became the reason for his success.

He is also an example of connecting your passion to your Profession.

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